Friday, March 18, 2011

Where to Begin...

Oh, where do I begin....

Life has been out of control, so I have decided instead of sitting down and using my well paid for journalism skills to write Witty & thoughtful blogs, I will make lists. That is about all the time I have these days. So much has happened since the last time I blogged so here we go...

  • I started back to school!
  • Little Miss turned 1 year old!!! I will try to post pictures!
  • We welcomed a boy into our family!! Oh, wait...we welcomed a BROWN headed BOY into our family! What do we do with him??
  • Abbie made her first plane ride! Detail to come! We all know how fabulous she is at car rides!
  • We spent a week soaking up time at my parents house! It flew by!
  • We booked a trip to Mexico in April with The Caldwell's and soon-to-be Parcell's! (I know most people don't think it is safe to go! but it is needed)!
  • I am on spring break...kind's not quite the same when there is a toddler around & laundry to be done, house to be cleaned, work to be done, meals to be fixed & studying for a test the Monday after spring break!
  • I'm trying to find balance...I'm struggling...
  • Eric got in a accident... in my car....on his birthday...our insurance says it's 100% the girls fault, and of course her insurance says it's more her fault but some his (WHAT?) so they will only pay for half of the damages...they are fighting back & car is being fixed & will be ready Monday!
  • Little Miss is unstoppable...she walks and climbs and is a eating machine (most days). She loves the park!
  • Many play dates with friends! Many more to come!

Upcoming events...hopefully to be blogged about...part of me finding balance :)

  • Mexico in April
  • New Mexico in May
  • Wonderful Little Sister graduates in college in May
  • "Adventures in Babysitting" stories...I'm sure I will have plenty come May when my mom & sister and my mother-in-law have agreed to watch Little Miss over a 2 week period while I take a class all day everyday!
  • Little Sister gets married in September!!!
  • Sweet friends Stephen & Brittany get married in October!
  • A girls weekend get away to a local lake in a few weekends for crafting & shopping & who knows what else!

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